About Me:


I’m Suzi and after growing up obese and never quite feeling like ME I had weight loss surgery way back in 2006. Sadly not too long afterwards my marriage took a turn for the worse and long story short I didn’t get to goal AND I regained 150 pounds.


I remarried and it wasn't until after the birth of my daughter in 2011 that I realized I was in abad spot to be showing ANYONE how to grow up strong and healthy. I was 360 pounds and I had to do something about it. 


I had my non-functional Lap-Band removed, the hole in my stomach repaired and Gastric Bypass. THEN I did the hard work of getting my relationship with food in order.


Fast-forward to now... I am at goal weight with a weight loss of right at 200 pounds. I am honored to have been able to pay it forward with a full time position at the Bariatric company that helped support me during my weakest moments. I've been able to change my life and pay it forward by helping others.

But I'm still "hungry". There's so much living to do. I have so many interests that bring my life balance and satisfaction I didn't realize was possible when I revolved my entire lifestyle around food. I hope to share with you the appetite I continue to have as I share inspiration along the way.

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