Dear Brand New Post-Op

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Once upon a time I was YOU.

I was a new post-op who was SURE my Dr and Nutritionist would be there FOREVER. I just knew I was going to get it RIGHT 100% of the time. Certainly I was going to get to goal and STUN the folks on the beach with my hot new body.

Then my job changed and so did my insurance.

Then we moved 500 miles away from everyone I knew.

Then my husband stopped just yelling and started hitting.

Then things took a turn even I didn't think could happen.

THEN I realized I was truly alone.

And then? 5 years later. I was in a tiny apartment on my own that wasn't even in my own name because I was HIDING from someone I was worried might KILL me for real this time with a broken lap-band and a 150 pound regain.

My Dr? Was in Israel. My Nutritionist? Who? My Dr was on the other side of the world. There was no one in Houston or Dallas to help me. Once you have surgery...NO new Dr will take you on without a massive amount of money.

It no longer mattered that I had my surgery by a WLS Pioneer.

No one cared that my Dr was involved with the FDA trails or that it was at a Center of Excellence.

I needed 30,000 to fix my surgery because Blue Cross Blue Shield didn't care that there was a hole in my stomach since I had a previous weight loss surgery.

What mattered was that I was 350 pounds AGAIN and totally lost.

You know what woke me up? I realized that I didn't have the answers. I realized that if I needed change to LIVE I was going to have to take matters into my hands an DO IT. SO I looked on the internet for support. And read a story about a "militant group of post ops who think you can go without chocolate."

And I thought....THAT'S who I need to find. I need a kick in the pants or my new husband is going to have to bury me at 40 and my baby girl is going to grow up without a mother.

What's my point? I promise I have one and I'm NOT trying to rant just to rant.

My point is to STOP fighting when an experienced Post-Op gives you a nugget of info. You don't have to take it, just consider that perhaps someone with experience might be on to something that hasn't occurred to you in your journey yet.

STOP assuming that you know what to do because the weight has been melting off for the past year. STOP thinking that the people around you are going to be there forever. YOU HAVE TO FIGURE THIS OUT FOR YOU. BY YOURSELF. Because no one is going to save YOU. Except for YOU. There's a TON of good, effective no-nonsense support out there (hit me up by email and I'll point you to a few places)...but you really REALLY need to open your minds a TEENY bit and consider that perhaps you don't have all the answers. Consider that EXPERIENCE speaks volumes. And LISTEN. READ. LEARN. CHANGE. And for the love of God....stop thinking people are being condescending when you are are asking a question.

No more excuses.

No more thinking you know better. Just LISTEN. You might learn something.

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